Private label production

We are the perfect partner for every footwear brand

Over 100 years of company history shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Fratelli Battistini SpA has been able to overcome many challenges, like the wars of the last century and the globalization of the new millenium.

We have decided to put our skills at the service of other companies with the private label production’s formula.

If you are the manager of a clothing or footwear’s company, and you are interested in producing with your own brand, contact us to plan a cooperation.

We can offer you many different solutions and opportunities to operate with great satisfactions in the shoes’ market.


Since the beginning, Fratelli Battistini S.p.A., has been producer and provider for the Italian government, by supplying technical and freetime footwear to the Army and the Armed Forces.

In the following years, many prestigious fashion companies, with international visibility, turned to Fratelli BattistiniSpA’s  knowlege and experience, cooperations that are still going on to this day.

Together with the productive support, the company will provide creative development and all the requirements needed in the creative process: both manufacturing and management.

Nowdays the company’s strong points are: great reliability wide knowledge of the factory footwear processes, a worldwide contacts network and a very agile structure, capable of handling considerably high volumes of orders. 

This is what we offer daily to our customers.

If you’re looking for a company that provides private label production, click on the link down here.