Trento, a brand dedicated to hobbies and work

From rubber boots to outdoor shoes for the lovers of sport and adventure, to safety shoes dedicated to all workers who want to keep their feet safe.

For over a century, at the feet of Italian people

In honor of its birthplace, over a century ago in 1917, the Trento footwear’s factory was established  in Forlì. In the following decades it became a national point of reference for the military, sport and freetime footwear production.

Nowdays the Trento brand still offers shoes for the lovers of adventure and outdoor life and also for those who, even at work, do not want to give up the experience and the strenght of this historic brand.

Trento rubber boots

The perfect footwear for a thousand activities: fishing, hunting, gardening and working. Selected natural rubber, handmade manufacture, incomparable comfort and the guarantee of a long-life product. Dozens of models: you just have to choose the one that suits your needs best!

Trento Outdoor

From the company’s experience and the cooperation of qualified partners, a new line dedicated to adventure and perfect for hiking lovers has been born. Fine materials, high grip soles, protection in all the stress points make these shoes a safe choice for all outdoor activities.

Trento Safety

Safety first! Trento Safety are made with tested materials complying to all of the most strict european regulations related to working shoes. These are shoes you can trust while doing all sorts of different  activities.

"A soldier in shoes is only a soldier, but in boots he becomes a warrior."

– George Patton

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