The complete catalogue of Trento boots

Find out all the items of the catalogue Trento boots. Down here you can find our footwear, suitable for all kinds of challenging uses: water, earth and mud, they will always be by your side, guaranteeing incomparable comfort and a reliability that will last in time.

The ideal boot for your activities

The Trento catalogue offers a vaste range of models. Whether you are looking for boots that are suitable for fishing in cold water or the perfect boots for going hunting, gardening or other activities, the century long experience of Trento is at your service.

Hunting boots

When going hunting, the choice of boots is fundamental. The cold grounds, the fast variability of the weather and all the tough surfaces make chosing the correct kind of boots a key-factor, that will guarantee you comfort during the day.

That’s why our line offers resistance to repeated bending, softness, impermeability to water and thermal insulation.

Fishing boots

There is nothing worse than having cold and wet feet while fishing in the middle of a freezing creek. This is why, Trento boots have a very soft rubber compound, that act as a very resistant barrier to water. There are also other solutions in neoprene, a must for the coldest months of the year.

Industry and agriculture boots

When the resistance to stressfull environment is what you need the most, Trento boots are always there for you! These boots allow to face daily stress supplying comfort and safety in different working places, like breeding and agriculture companies, chemical and manufacturing firms.

Gardening boots

For hobbies and activities bound to nature, Trento boots collection provides practical and comfortable models, that have great strength and unique comfort.

Why choose Trento rubber boots and what does it make them different

The unique combination of factors that characterized them, is the result of Fratelli Battistini’s century long experience, one of the best companies in this branch. Hand-made production, competence, technology and exclusive recipes improved over time are the key-elements of its manufacturing process.


How does it differ from low-cost boots?

Trento boots are definitely different from ordinary boots you can find in hardware shops or agricultural consortiums, made from PVC or other plastic materials. Our boots, unlike other products made 100% from oil derivatives, are made following recipes and blends that include natural rubber instead. This choice requires high specialized labor and the outcome is an “handmade” boot, made with the same care as in the past.

Trento rubber boots, compared to other PVC boots, will guarantee:

  • more durability and flexibility
  • more comfort
  • more thermal insulation from both cold and heat. Furthermore, for the most extreme weather conditions, these rubber boots allow a neoprene membrane to be fitted inside. This will guarantee not only greater thermal insulation but also greater comfort.
  • more slip resistance, therefore greater grip, thanks to its tread soles expecially developed and designed, improved by decades of experience

Maintenance tips

To keep unchanged the features of Trento rubber boots, here are our suggestions:

  • clean with water and soap after use;
  • do not use any solvent or hydrocarbons;
  • avoid sun or heat exposure;
  • keep boots in a cool and dry environment, and avoid folding them.

With these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy the quality and the experience of Trento brand for a long time.


"The power of the boot. It makes a man a warrior and a woman an amazon."

– Richard Newbury

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