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Good value for money for every kind of feet

Thanks to its century long experience, achieved during the years with the Trento brand and supplying the Italian Army, in 1988 Fratelli Battistini S.p.A. launched their new brand: COX. Entirely dedicated to spare time and sport.

Its good value for money, wide range,  model’s flexibility and design in constant evolution, have made the brand a perfect best seller in large retailers.






A collection that renews itself in every season

Since 2012, COX brand has been matched with another make: SCATTI. This new brand focuses mostly on casual and urban footwear.

Both collections are conceived in Italy, after a careful market’s analysis. Then, the process refines itself in the Far East, in selected factories that guarantee the highest productive and quality standards.


A wide offer for every occasion

The Company with its brands Cox and Scatti, offers a wide collection dedicated to men and women but also to the youngest customers. Starting from their first steps, our footwear follows the little ones through their growth.

Furthermore, Cox brand offers two more collections: one for the beach and poolside, and the other one for home slippers, to relax wherever you need to.


Seaside and home